EMSIS is the only traffic solution available in the market as part of an ERP solution. “The Best Run Businesses Run SAP” and if they are broadcasters, they also run EMSIS as part of their SAP ERP. EMSIS is build as a full-fledged add-on module to SAP by CLSS Labs in partnership with the SAP co-innovation labs.

EMSIS is the solution for the requirements of radio broadcasters, television broadcasters, online on-demand services, out of the home solutions and digital advertising displays. EMSIS is the most dynamicorder-to-cash traffic software solution for inventory management, booking, scheduling, billing and for each of the industry specified above.

Proposal Builder

EMSIS PB helps the marketing team prepare an accurate proposal for the customer during their sales cycle. Multiple versions can be maintained and tracked for the purpose of analysis and improvement. Intelligent algorithms from CLSS Labs is powering the computers to consider multiple criteria like target budget, target group, historic ratings, primetime/non-primetime distribution, weekday/weekend distribution for preparing a proposal for a customer with CPRP target.

Revenue Optimizer

EMSIS RO is a power by artificial intelligent technics while scheduling a day’s schedule. Multiple combinations are considered and varioustechniques are used at each of schedule, distribute and sequence activity for optimizing the best revenue for the broadcaster.

Rights Management

EMSIS Rights management helps the broadcasters manage the purchased rights efficiently. With expenses from SAP Finance module and revenue from EMSIS, profitability of each right can be tracked and measured at any point of time.

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